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Founded 1986

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Special Announcements for Club Members

  • Your Club is looking for someone to write our monthly newsletter. If you are good at writing, this would be an easy way for you to help out your Club in your spare time.

  • Your Club is a proud sponsor of Beads of Courage . We're asking many members to turn lidded boxes for these precious children. Bring your lidded boxes to the DWR. At our monthly meetings, you can pick up a ceramic "Beads of Courage" insert for the knob of your lidded box.

  • Your Club is seeking volunteer demonstrators for several meetings this year. We need old members to step forward again, and some new members to "stretch themselves" and volunteer. Contact Jim McCleary if you are willing to demonstrate.

  • Your Club is seeking mentors for new members. If you are willing to do one-on-one mentoring, contact Jim McCleary.

  • Your Club is a volunteer organization, and it can only be strong and successful if every member does their part in some way. If you enjoy woodturning and enjoy learning new skills and meeting fellow woodturners, then your AWA is a great venue. But, you need to give back to the Club. Help in some way. Volunteer to do demonstration turning at the State Fair; or help move equipment to the meetings; or help clean up after meetings; be a mentor; find some task that you can do, and do it regularly for your Club. It will make you part of the Club instead of just an uninvolved observer. You will be amazed at how much more you enjoy the Club; and your work will be appreciated by fellow members and make the Club stronger and more vibrant.

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