Founded 1989

A proud chapter of the American Association of Woodturners

Founded 1986

Upcoming dates:

July 21, 2018
Regular meeting with demo by John Lea.

Check out the announcements  - which includes: July Newsletter, wig stand/Beads of courage info and volunteer schedule.

Special Announcements for Club Members

  • Click for July Newsletter.

  • Next meeting on July 21 will have a demo by John Lea: Form follows function. Rose engine embellishment.

  • Make a WIG STAND for cancer patients!  Directions here and more here.

  • Sign up for Amazon Smile! If you order from Amazon and you order through their "Amazon Smile" program, a donation can go to Arizona Woodturners Association!  Sign up for the Amazon Smile program and designate Arizona Woodturners Association as your non-profit to get .5% donation from Amazon for every eligible order.  Amazon Smile has the same items as Amazon - just a way to give back to the community.  Sign up today!

  • Thank you to everyone who has signed up to setup and take down at our meetings. Jerry Witt, videographer, is the scheduler -- contact him if you can help or have a conflict.
  • In need of a backup videographer - contact Jerry Witt if you can help.

          We can always use more people to help!


Pickup Storage Unit 10:30am

Setup Pyle Center 11am


Jim Dobbins 

Richard Ivy


Jim Dobbins

Brian Lensink


Mike Finger

Andy Pulsipher


John Claus

Mike Finger


Andy Pulsipher

John Claus


Brian Lensink

Jim Dobbins


Douglas Hobson

William Darlington

    Your Club is a proud sponsor of   Beads of Courage. We're asking members to turn lidded boxes for these precious children.  
    At our monthly meetings, you can pick up a ceramic "Beads of Courage" insert for the knob on your lidded box.

  • Your Club is a volunteer organization, and it can only be strong and successful if every member does their part in some way. If you enjoy woodturning and enjoy learning new skills and meeting fellow woodturners, then your AWA is a great venue. But, you need to give back to the Club. Help in some way. Volunteer to do demonstration turning at the State Fair; or help move equipment to the meetings; or help clean up after meetings; be a mentor; find some task that you can do, and do it regularly for your Club. It will make you part of the Club instead of just an uninvolved observer. You will be amazed at how much more you enjoy the Club; and your work will be appreciated by fellow members and make the Club stronger and more vibrant.
    • Volunteers needed for setup/takedown
    • Demonstrators at meetings/fairs/events
    • Mentors for new members

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