Founded 1989

A proud chapter of the American Association of Woodturners

Founded 1986

Upcoming dates:

July 21, 2018
Regular meeting with demo by John Lea.

Check out the announcements  - which includes: July Newsletter, wig stand/Beads of courage info and volunteer schedule.

Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation

Please note that the former club bylaws and member bylaws were combined into a single document when the updated versions were passed by the Board of Directors on 1/12/2012. The Articles of Incorporation were not changed.

President & Chairman of the Board -- Jim McCleary
Vice President -- Rich Fairborn
Treasurer -- David Slocum
Secretary --


Larry Hudson
Vince Sichmeller
Rich Fairborn
Jerry Witt

Board-Appointed Positions and Persons:
Newletter Editor -- Vacant
Pete Beschenbossel -- Librarian
Videographer -- Jerry Witt
Asst. Videographer -- Andrew Allen
Photo Gallery -- Richard January
Webmaster -- Pat Jones

Current Versions
Club Bylaws 2-4-2017

Articles of Incorporation -- original, 8/24/2004
Previous Versions
Club Bylaws -- updated, 1/12/2012

Club Bylaws - original, 8/24/04

Member Bylaws - original, 8/24/04


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