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July 21, 2018
Regular meeting with demo by John Lea.

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Club Library

Below is a partial list of the materials contained in the club library. Club members are free to check out any of the items below at no cost as one of the benefits of membership. Checking out just 2 or 3 items per year will offset the entire cost of the annual dues.

To check out materials for the library simply browse the extensive selection at most club meetings, select the items you'd like to borrow, present your current membership card, and the librarian will check out the items you've requested. Items should be returned the next month whenever possible.

Title Author Quantity
Two Ways To Make A Bowl Batty/Mahoney 2
Beyond Wood Portrait of an Artist Blain, Bernard 2
Sculpting Wood Beyond the Lathe Bosch, Trent 3
Decorative Utility Bowls Bosch, Trent 3
Vessels of Illusion Bosch, Trent 3
Turnaround Clewes, Jimmy 2
Turn it on Vol 1 Clewes, Jimmy 2
Turn it on Vol 2 Clewes, Jimmy 2
Turn it on Vol 3 Clewes, Jimmy 2
The Tormek Machine - Sharpeing Turning Tools Conover, Ernie 1
Making Your Tools as Sharp as Your Mother-in-Law's Tongue Conover, Ernie 1
Relief Carved Embellishments Cortese, Tony 2
The Aesthetics & Properties of Wood Jordan, John 3
Woodturning: Fundamentals of Sharpening Klein, Bonnie 2
The Skew Chisel Lacer, Alan 2
The Son of Skew Lacer, Alan 2
Woodturning Getting Started Right Lacer, Alan 2
From The Tree to the Table Mohoney, Mike 2
McNaughton Center Saver Mohoney, Mike 2
Turning Green Wood O'Donnell, Michael 2
Thin Wall Turning Pho, Binh 2
Surface Design Pho, Binh 2
Turning Wood Raffan, Richard 1
Turning Boxes Raffan, Richard 1
Turning Projects Raffan, Richard 1
Bowl Turning Stubbs, Del 1
Segmented Turning (Double DVD Set) Theobald, Curt 2

Title Author Quantity
AAW Project Book 1987-1992 American Association of Woodturners 1
2001 AAW Resource Directory American Association of Woodturners 1
East Meets West American Association of Woodturners 1
Nature Takes a Turn American Association of Woodturners, The 1
Techniques and Projects American Association of Woodturners 1
Woodturner's Wooden Clock Cases Ashby, Tim and Peter 1
Wonders in Wood Association of Woodturners of Great Britian 2
Turned Wood Now: Redefining the Lathe-Turned Object IV ASU 1
Fun at the Lathe Bell, R.C. 1
Woodturning Traditional Folk Toys Bridgewater, Alan and Gill 1
Decorative Techniques for Woodturners Bowen, Hilary 2
Woodturning Jewerly Bowen, Hilary 1
Polychromatic Assembly for Woodturning Brown, Emmett E. 1
Turning Pens and Pencils Christensen, Kip 1
Beneath The Bark Christensen, Kip 1
Roots: Insights and Inspiration in Contemporary Turned Objects Challenge VI 1
Woodturning: A Fresh Approach Chapman, Robert 1
Projects for Woodturners Childs, Chris 1
Turn a Bowl Conover, Ernie 1
Turning for Furniture Conover, Ernie 1
Lathe Book, The Conover, Ernie 1
Beyond Basic Turning Cox, Jack 2
Woodturners Catalog Craft Supplies 1
Turning Candlesticks Cripps, Mike 1
Turning Goblets Cripps, Mike 1
Woodturning for the Garden Cripps, Mike 1
Fundamentals of Woodturning, The Darlow, Mike 1
Woodturning Techniques (Methods) Darlow, Mike 3
Rude Osolnik Del Mano Gallery 1
Turning Wooden Jewelry Ditmer, Judy 2
Woodturning for Cabinetmakers Dunbar, Michael 1
Reading the Wood Elkan, Michael 1
Spindle Turning Fine Wood Working 1
A Guide to Useful Woods of the World Flynn, James and Holder, C. 1
Turning Custom Game Calls Glenn, Ed and Keats, Greg 1
Learn to Turn Gross, Barry 1
A Turner's Guide to Veneer Inlays Hampton, Ron 1
Southwestern Pottery: Anasazi to Zuni Hayes, Allan 1
Understanding Wood Hoadley, R. Bruce 1
Identifying Wood Hoadley, R. Bruce 1
Making Screw Threads in Wood Holder, Fred 1
The Priciples and Practices of Ornamental or Complex Turning Holtzapffel, Jon Jacob 1
Selected Wood Turning Projects Home Craftsman 1
Mulit-centre Woodturning Hopper, Ray 1
Woodturning: A Source Book of Shapes #1 Hunnex, John 1
Woodturning: 2 books in 1 Irons, Phil 1
Small and Exciting Woodturning Projects Jacobson, James A. 2
Notes from the Turning Shop Jones, Bill 1
Further Notes from the Turning Shop Jones, Bill 1
Passport to Design Jordan, Alice M. 1
Woodturning with Ray Key Key, Ray 1
The Woodturner's Workbook Key, Ray 1
Turning Wooden Toys Lawrence, Terry 1
500 Wood Bowls Leier, Ray 1
Revolving Techniques Michner, James A. Art Museum 1
Health Hazards Manual for Artists McCann, Michael 1
Techniques of Spiral Work Mortimer, Stuart 1
Setting up Shop Nagyszalanczy, Sandor 1
Master Woodturner Nish, Dale L. 2
Creative Woodturning Nish, Dale L. 1
Decorating Turned Wood: The Maker's Eye O'Donnell, Liz and Michael 2
Turning Green Wood O'Donnell, Michael 1
Practical Wood Turner, The Pain, F. 1
Understanding Woodturning Phillips, Ann and Bob 1
Make Money From Woodturning Phillips, Ann and Bob 1
Turning Projects Raffan, Richard 1
Turning Boxes Raffan, Richard 1
Turning Bowls Raffan, Richard 1
Turned-Bowl Design Raffan, Richard 1
Turning Wood Raffan, Richard 2
Revised and Updated Turning Wood Raffan, Richard 1
Revised and Updated Turning Boxes Raffan, Richard 1
Laminated Designs in Wood Rannefeld, Clarence 1
Turning Boxes and Spindles Step by Step Register, David 1
Masterful Woodturning Roberts, S. Gary 1
Turning Miniatures in Wood Sainsbury, John 1
Coloring Techniques for Woodturners Sanders, Jan 1
Pens from the Wood Lathe #1 Sing, Dick 2
Unique and Unusual Pens from the Wood Lathe Sing, Dick 1
Turning Ornaments and Eggs Sing, Dick 2
Wood Lathe Projects Sing, Dick 1
Projects for the Mini Lathe Sing, Dick 1
Useful Beauty Sing, Dick 1
Miniature Birdhouses Sing, Dick 1
Turning Humidors Sing, Dick 1
Segmented Woodturning Smith, William 1
Art of the Lathe, The Spielman, Patrick 1
Art of the Router, The Spielman, Patrick 1
Making Wood Bowls with a Router and Scroll Saw Spielman, P. and Roche, Carl 1
Woodturning Wizardry Springett, David 1
Woodturning Wizardry - Revised Edition Springett, David 1
Adventures in Woodturning Springett, David 1
Turned Boxes 50 Designs Stott, Chris 1
Making Timeless Toys in Wood Stromback, Janet & Richard 1
Turning Threaded Boxes Swanson, John 1
Wood Turning in North America Since 1930 Wood Turning Center 1
Curators' Focus: Turnign in Context Wood Turning Center, The 1
Practical Tips for Woodturners Woodturning Magazine 2
Faceplate Turning Woodturning Magazine 1
Useful Woodturning Projects Woodturning Magazine 2
Woodwind Quarterly, The Woodwind Quarterly, The 1
Woodturning: Bowls, Platters, Hollow Forms, Vases, and ect. Woodturning Magazine 1
Enter the World of Lathe-Turned Objects York Graphic Services 1

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